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  1. M. Radiom*,, M. Sarkis, O. Brookes, E.K. Oikonomou, A. Baeza-Squiban and J.-F. Berret*
    Pulmonary surfactant inhibition of nanoparticle uptake by alveolar epithelial cells
    Scientific Reports, xx, xxx (2020)

  2. V. Baldim, Y. Nisha, N. Bia, A. Graillot, C. Loubat, S. Singh, A.S. Karakoti and J.-F. Berret*
    Polymer coated cerium oxide nanoparticles as oxidoreductase-like catalysts
    ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 12(37), 42056–42066 (2020)

  3. Omar El Hamoui, Indresh Yadav, Milad Radiom, Frank Wien, Jean-Francois Berret, Johan R. C. van der Maarel, Véronique Arluison*
    Interactions between DNA and the Hfq Amyloid-like Region Trigger a Viscoelastic Response
    Biomacromolecules 21(9), 3668–3677 (2020)

  4. M. Radiom*, Y. He, J. Peng, A. Baeza-Squiban, J.-F. Berret, Y. Chen*
    Alveolar mimics with periodic strain and its effect on the cell layer formation
    Biotechnology and Bioengineering 117(9), 2827-2841 (2020)

  5. M. Radiom* and J.-F. Berret*
    Common trends in the epidemic of Covid-19 disease
    The European Physical Journal Plus 135, 517 (2020)

  6. C. Bostoen*and J.-F. Berret*
    A mathematical finance approach to the stochastic and intermittent viscosity fluctuations in living cells
    Soft Matter 16, 5959 – 5969 (2020)

  7. B. S. Macedo, T. de Almeida, R. da Costa Cruz, A. D. Pereira Netto, L. da Silva, J.-F. Berret and L. Vitorazi*
    Effect of the pH on the complex coacervation and on the formation of layers of sodium alginate and PDADMAC
    Langmuir 36 (10) 2510 – 2523 (2020)

  8. F. Mousseau*, A. Vacher, M. Airiau, S. Mornet and J.-F. Berret
    Revealing the pulmonary surfactant corona on silica nanoparticles by cryo-transmission electron microscopy
    Nanoscale Advances 2, 642 – 647 (2020)

  9. L.P.A. Thai, F. Mousseau, E.K. Oikonomou, M. Radiom and J.-F. Berret*
    Effect of Nanoparticles on the Bulk Shear Viscosity of a Biomimetic Lung Surfactant
    ACS Nano 14, 466 – 475 (2020)

  10. A. Mateos-Maroto, F. Ortega, R.G. Rubio, J.-F. Berret,F. Martínez-Pedrero
    Giant Vesicles with Encapsulated Magnetic Nanowiresas Versatile Carriers, Transported via Rotating and Non-Homogeneous Magnetic Fields
    Particle and Particle Systems Characterization 36 (10), 1900239 (2019)

  11. F. Mousseau*, J.-F. Berret*, E.K Oikonomou*
    Design and applications of a fluorescent labeling technique for lipid and surfactant preformed vesicles
    ACS Omega 4, 10485 – 10493 (2019)

  12. L.P.A. Thai, F. Mousseau, E.K. Oikonomou and J.-F. Berret*
    On the rheology of pulmonary surfactant: effect of the concentration and consequences for surfactant replacement therapy
    Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 178, 337 – 345 (2019)

  13. M. Falahati*, F. Attar, M. Sharifi, T. Haertlé, J.-F. Berret, R. H. Khan, and A. A. Saboury
    A health concern regarding the protein corona, aggregation and disaggregation
    Biochimica and Biophysica Acta – General Subjects 1863, 971 – 991 (2019)

  14. V. Baldim, A. Graillot, N. Bia, C. Loubat and J.-F. Berret*
    Mono- versus multi-phosphonic acid based PEGylated polymers for functionalization and stabilization
    of metal (Ce, Fe, Ti, Al) oxide nanoparticles in biological media
    Advanced Materials Interfaces 1801814 (2019)

  15. Mousseau, E.K. Oikonomou, V. Baldim, S. Mornet and J.-F. Berret*
    Nanoparticle-lipid interaction: Job scattering plots to differentiate vesicle aggregation from supported lipid bilayer formation
    Colloids and Interfaces 2, 50 (2018)

  16. F. Mousseau* and J.-F. Berret*
    The role of surface charge in the interaction of nanoparticles with model pulmonary surfactants
    Soft Matter 14, 5764 – 5774 (2018)

  17. E.K. Oikonomou*, N. Christov, G. Cristobal, C. Bourgaux, L. Heux, I. Boucenna and J.-F. Berret*
    Design of eco-friendly fabric softeners: structure, rheology and deposition on micro- and nanocellulose fibers
    Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 525, 206 – 215 (2018)

  18. V. Baldim*, F. Bedioui, N. Mignet, I. Margaill and J.-F. Berret*
    The enzyme-like catalytic activity of cerium oxide nanoparticles and its dependency on Ce3+ surface area concentration
    Nanoscale 10, 6971 – 6980 (2018)

  19. J.-F. Berret*
    Magnetic wire as stress controlled micro-rheometer for cytoplasm viscosity measurements
    Proc. SPIE 10507, Colloidal Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications XIII, 105070I (23 February 2018)

  20. C. Puisney, E.K. Oikonomou, S. Nowak, A. Chevillot, S. Casale, A. Baeza-Squiban and J.-F. Berret*
    Brake wear (nano)particle characterization and toxicity on airway epithelial cells in vitro
    Environmental Science: Nano 5, 1036 – 1044 (2018)

  21. F. Mousseau*, C. Puisney, S. Mornet, R. Le Borgne, A. Vacher, M. Airiau, A. Baeza-Squiban and J.-F. Berret*
    Supported pulmonary surfactant bilayers on silica nanoparticles: Formulation, stability and impact on lung epithelial cells
    Nanoscale, 9, 14967 – 14978 (2017)

  22. J.-B. Lugagne, G. Brackx, E. Seyrek, S. Nowak, Y. Sivry, L. Vitorazi, J.-F. Berret, P. Hersen and G. Charron
    Assembly and Characterizations of Bifunctional Fluorescent and Magnetic Microneedles Displaying Length Tunability over One Decade
    Advanced Functional Materials 1700362(2017)

  23. A. Malabirade, K. Jiang, K. Kubiak, A. Diaz-Mendoza, F. Liu, J. A. van Kan, J.-F. Berret, V. Arluison and J. R.C. van der Maarel
    Compaction and condensation of DNA mediated by the amyloidogenic C-terminal domain of Hfq
    Nucleic Acids Res 45, 7299 – 7308 (2017)

  24. N. Giamblanco*, G. Marletta*, A. Graillot, N. Bia, C. Loubat and J.-F. Berret*
    Serum protein resistant behavior of multisite-bound poly(ethylene glycol) chains onto iron oxide surfaces
    ACS Omega 2, 1309 – 1320 (2017)

  25. E.K. Oikonomou*, F. Mousseau, N. Christov, G. Cristobal, A. Vacher, M. Airiau, C. Bourgaux, L. Heux, and J.-F. Berret*
    Fabric softener-nanocellulose interaction: a model for assessing surfactant deposition on cotton
    J. Phys. Chem. B, 121, 2299 – 2307 (2017)

  26. F. Loosli, M. Najm, R. Chan, E. Oikonomou, A. Grados, M. Receveur and J.-F. Berret*
    Wire active microrheology to differentiate viscoelastic liquids from soft solids
    ChemPhysChem  17, 4134 – 4143 (2016)

  27. G. Ramniceanu, B.-T. Doan, C. Vezignol, A. Graillot, C. Loubat, N. Mignet* and J.-F. Berret*
    Delayed hepatic uptake of multi-phosphonic acid poly(ethylene glycol) coated iron oxide measured by real-time Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    RSC Advances 6, 63788 – 63800 (2016)

  28. F. Loosli, M. Najm and J.-F. Berret*
    Viscoelasticity of model surfactant solutions determined by rotational magnetic spectroscopy
    Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 510, 143 – 149 (2016)

  29. F. Mousseau, L. Vitorazi, L. Herrmann, S. Mornet and J.-F. Berret*
    Polyelectrolyte assisted charge titration spectrometry: applications to latex and oxide nanoparticles
    Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 475, 36 – 45 (2016)

  30. J.-F. Berret*
    Microrheology of viscoelastic solutions studied by rotational magnetic spectroscopy
    International Journal of Nanotechnology 13 (8/9), 597 – 601 (2016)

  31. J.-F. Berret*
    Local viscoelasticity of living cells measured by rotational magnetic spectroscopy
    Nature Communications 7, 10134 (2016)