Nanomedicine is the medical application of nanotechnology. Nanomedicine ranges from the medical applications of nanomaterials and biological devices, to nanoelectronic biosensors, biomarkers and biomachines. Current nanomedicine issues involve understanding and controlling the interactions (and toxicity) of nanoscale materials with biological body fluids, cells and tissues.

Our research focuses on tailoring nanoparticle interfaces and functionalization. In collaboration with the company SPECIFIC POLYMERS, we synthesize functional polymers that can be applied to a wide range of metallic surfaces and be supplied in large amounts. The copolymers contains multiple phosphonic acids as metal binding agents and poly(ethylene glycol) as protein resistant chains. This coating is efficient towards various metal oxide particles and substrates, including cerium, iron, titanium and aluminum oxide substrates. We have shown that such polymer coatings significantly decrease the nanoparticle uptake towards living cells and extend the lifespan of contrast agents in the blood.
Based on this platform, we have recently designed a strategy that has been extended to the treatment of ischemic stroke through the use of antioxidant cerium oxide nanoparticles.


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