For nanomedicine applications, innovative solutions should be developed in surface coating-functionalization to control nanomaterial interfaces with biological fluids, cells and tissues. An efficient way to coat particles makes use of polymers and co-assembly interactions via single or multiple anchoring groups that form a diffuse layer. This layer of few nanometers represents a barrier against particle aggregation and protein adsorption and is thereby crucial for biocompatibility. The affinity of the polymers toward the surface can be enhanced by the addition of specific chemical groups, e.g. phosphonic acids.

In collaboration with SPECIFIC POLYMERS, we have proposed protocols that allow synthesis of polymers where phosphonic acid groups and poly(ethylene glycol) chains are covalently grafted to a poly(methyl methacrylate) backbone. This technology has been applied to a library of nanoparticles, including cerium, iron, titanium and aluminum oxides. It was shown to improve the colloidal stability in biofluids, prevent protein adsorption and increase the circulation time of nanocarriers in vivo. The recent modification of the PEGylated chains by an amine function allows further functionalization of the nanoparticles for their targeting to specific tissues and organs.


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