Following their interaction with living organisms, nanomaterials generally do not come into contact with live cells or tissues, but first encounter extracellular body fluids around them. Upon contact, nanomaterials are then dispersed in a water-borne phase rich in electrolytes, in lipids, proteins and carbohydrates with which they interact. In the context of nanoparticles interacting with extracellular body fluids, the respiratory zone in the lungs represents an interesting environment. In this region, the alveoli form a froth-like structure and their interface with the air is lined with a thin layer (< 1 µm) of pulmonary surfactant, an interstitial fluid containing lipids and proteins. Its role is to reduce the surface tension with the air and to prevent alveolar collapse and expansion

Pertaining to their interaction mechanisms with lipids, the picture emerging from current literature is based on the protein corona model, leading to a description in terms of biomolecular or lipid coronas. In this work, we study the effects of inorganic nanoparticles on the biomolecular or lipid corona and on the impact on the bulk properties in physiological conditions.


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